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Tuesday, December 22, 2015.
Happy Birthday

The more you age, the more you realise how meaningless certain things are. 
Back then, i wanted a lot of things for my birthday - phone, a trip to genting highlands and etc.

But now, it doesnt really matter. i dont even care if anyone remembers it or not, its' just a birthday. With so many things happening in this world, in everyone's lives right now, I cant help but to see it just as a reminder that I've escaped death for another year, and I'm only getting closer to it. 
Now, I don't need all of that.

With all the wonderful people I've met, and the people who showed me how grateful they are towards my existence, I'm whole. My life means something to someone and that's enough/

I don't need anything else, love and support it's more than enough. as cliche as it might sounds, I really mean it.
written @ 12:00 AM

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