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Friday, January 22, 2016.
CSIT's Student's Appreciation Day 2016

Hello there everyone, so although it's been a while since 2016, i'd like to wish you all, happy new year, yet again. I'm sorry to have started my first post on 2016 about an ended relationship - cant be helped really.

So before i started talking more in terms of "clarifying" things, I'd like to share the first memorable thing that happened on 2016! So, as I've stated in my no-longer-available post, I didn't do as well as i did previous semester than the one before. It was a downfall after maintaining - everyone goes through that. However, I'm still rewarded one of the Top Dean's List Student Awards (although i just told my friend it wont be me next to him for this award again) - Alhamdulillah !

Other than that, I'm very happy that most of my friends too got dean's list last semester, to have spend time with them on my last Student's Appreciation Day was precious and they totally deserved it! Congrats babies
My beloved babies 
My coursemates + lecturers
Top Dean's List Student for Graphics & Multimedia with lecturers. Still manage to stand next to you, the ultimate best student; Jason. haha 

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