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Sunday, February 28, 2016.
reset your eyes, erase your mind

Hello there everyone. So I've been doing a shitload of de-cluttering basically culling my stuff since I've basically moved back in with my family after ending my degree. But before that, I would like to announce that I've achieved my third 4flat as my result for my last semester ; Alhamdulillah! All the hard work was regretless(?) and worth it. the funny thing is I thought the results will come out on the 29th instead of the 26th so I was so unprepared but I'm so thankful to have gotten 4flat as a final result.

So I've de-clutter/cull my stuff - I started off with my clothes, then my miscellaneous deco items, my grooming products (cosmetics, skincare, shampoo, bodywash and the likes of it), my bags, and kitchen items. Fundamentally I watched this Rachel Aust video to just get some underhand tips before I get started because I need to do this de-cluttering as soon as possible or I'll just be restless. I don't particularly have space in my house (not anymore) as the older my sisters and I grew - the more stuff we own. That's why I decided to completely de-clutter my belongings. I threw/donate things that I no longer use/damage - and detached myself from items as it influenced my culling decisions. There is indeed a difference between keeping things because you still want it and keeping things because you still use it. I decided to cut off any attachments I had with the stuff I was de-cluttering and managed to provide so much space for the stuff that I am using/need.

As I've gotten older - I became very annoyed when I own way too many. I'm not the type of person that needs collections of stuff. I'm satisfied with having one of each needed item. I've become more and more of a minimalist. I used to own a drawer of makeup now I own only a handful. I used to own a few collection of shoes - now I own only one that I can use to dress up casually or formally. I used to wear all these eyeshadows, highlighters, lipsticks and keep on changing my makeup look day by day now I stick to one for daily basis. I used to own 10 belts and 10 handbags and keep on changing them day by day. I guess it's because I've gotten lazy as well that I've succumb to this. This is also why I dislike it when people give me gifts that can force me to have a "collection" of things. I prefer them buying me food instead because I don't want to choose my own stuff. Such a hassle aint it. I'm also the kind to invest a lot of money on one item that last long and multipurpose because I don't wish to find a replacement for it when it broke as soon as possible.

either than my usual sunblock and baby powder - I decided to keep only these. I don't own much makeup to begin with anyways. I also took in consideration in how much money I splurge on them and shelf lives. 

I don't like changing stuff like shoes or bags - I rather just use one for a very long time. Most of the time I'll use the handbag (on the left - I owned it for more than three years now and it's still in good condition) when I'm wearing formal attire and on the right most of the time as I've gotten lazy in slinging my handbag. a back-pack kind of handbag is easier for me now.
Now I'm just working on minimalising my spendings as well. Since I want to own as little as possible - I wish it can help me to save up. Till then.
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