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Wednesday, February 24, 2016.
we go further in the destiny~

Hello there everyone. So it has been a while, and my last update was exactly a month ago. I have just wrapped up my degree (for good!), I ended up a little earlier than some of my transfer credit batches because I took a couple of subjects that were going to drag me down to another extra special semester. I know, it was really risky as I had like 18 credit hours including FYP and what not but hey, nothing a little focus, determination and loads of hard work and prayers couldn't have work that out.

150216 FYP presentation taken from [x].
So here I am, a free panda. The only thing that sucks is that I'm the only one out of my batch that ends this semester (so as like, 3 other people?) so I did not really get to plan a short getaway or anything with my friends as they have one more special semester to go. But you know, if I could end my degree even earlier I would, so - hell yeah! I managed to finish my final year project early (like,weeks earlier) and I used to think I wouldn't even finish it on time. People would normally lose their heads on the final month but I ended up getting more relaxed. Probably because I settled everything early - everything and not just the FYP.

p/s : and for those who are anticipating to view my Final Year Project - I am so sorry I'm still unable to find a medium that i can upload it so that you can view it. But I am trying to find one - for now.
I was basically leisuring on my last month - I ate insanely a lot up to the point that I started to look better now (I gained some insignificant weight - my cheeks don't look like so sunken anymore and some skin colour - my complexion looks alive now), my mood was very good and I was very happy (amidst finals and preparing for FYP presentation).

one of the place I stuffed myself was Miss Ellie Tea House
I went out with a few friends as a "goodbye outing", including my ex. my friends mostly had meals with me, and with one of them we caught "deadpool" together. I spent half a day with my ex in KLCC eating good food, talking and exploring Aquaria (I told him when we were dating I've always wanted to go there, he was kind enough to consider that) as friends. Ofcourse, I spent up to the very last day in uniten before leaving with a very special friend of mine - thank you :) Thank you to everyone who had an outing with me, thank you to everyone who sent me messages saying goodbye. I'll treasure our final meeting/conversation the most.

just a footage inside the Aquaria's tunnel.
I truly love, each and every one of you and your sincere friendship.
batchmates that shall be missed.
Now I'm at home, and I'm taking about a month off just till I'll work (if I can find one). For now, I'm just thinking of de-cluttering my belongings since I basically have no space to put my stuff. Maybe since I'm so free I'll do a post on how I de-clutter my life (yes, life, not just belongings) because I have so much time now. Till then ;)
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