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Wednesday, March 16, 2016.
Tokyo's gonna know yellow gold


Hello there everyone. So on the 4th of March, my sister and I boarded the plane and went to Japan for the first time ever. We wanted to go to Japan since we were kids, so it was a dream come true! And yes - it was only the both of us. Via airasia, we managed to book both flight and hotel in one go. Truth be told, I was only told about this trip a month before - that was when I was sitting for finals. Alhamdulillah, I managed to do well on my finals and went to Japan without thinking I don't deserve it.

one of my first picture in Japan on the streets of Shinjuku, during a morning walk.

If I were to go all intricate on the details about what I did in Japan, It would be too long of a post to be developed. Therefore, I will just mention briefly on this post about what we did during our 8 days stay there, because you can google them - really. and I'm suffering from post Japan depression.

1) Arrival nonsense

So our flight was around.. 7 hours (less, actually) and we arrived at Haneda airport around 10:40 PM (JST). It was less than 10 degrees celcius outside and we reached our hotel around 12 AM. We stayed at Sunroute Hotel in Higashi-Shinjuku and tell you what - it was the loveliest compact style room we have ever stayed in!I'm not going to go into details - you can check an articulate post on this person's blog (about the room) : (click here). After we checked in we went out for a walk in the shunjuku streets - experiencing how hosts attract customers (not us, obviously).

2) Shin-Okubo , Shinjuku and Harajuku

We went to convenient stores in Shinjuku area - mainly there's more than enough convenient chain stores and the main ones are lawson and family mart (there are 7 eleven stores, but lawson and family mart out numbered them here in Japan) and they are awesome! So many choices - we basically finished our money in convenient stores. We walked by Shin-Okubo (Korean Town) which was just 5km away from our hotel and I bought a trench coat (since my coat wasn't thick enough for the cold weather) for 2000 yen. Either than a lot of Korean beaty shops and Kpop merchandise shops, in Shin-Okubo, there is both a halal kebab stall and briyani house that was run by Turks. They can understand English - and some Malay. There isn't much choice of food but it tasted good.

my fav is hands down the choco mint drink.

Although it was a walking distance, we took a train that evening to Shibuya and walked to Harajuku with our friend, Taka. You can find the cheapest things there - highly recommended for shopping.

And regarding the famous Shibuya crossing - I crossed it like, more than 10 times and didn't notice that it was THE shibuya crossing. why? because I honestly thought it'd be bigger. lol.

videos are unlisted, please do not share.


Alice on Wednesday jewelry and miscellaneous store


3) Ueno

The third day, Taka took us to Ueno where we visited the park that consisted of shrines and the zoo. (you can also take train there - like you can do so with anywhere in Japan) That was when we first saw the Sakura!

The zoo was HUGE. SO HUGE. If you think Zoo Negara was huge, man, be ready for this one.There were a lot of animals with nice constructions in order for us to view them further or nearer. My favourite was the white pola bear. The zoo was divided into two - the east and west garden. There will be a map that you can refer to and to get to the other part of the zoo, there is  monorail service.

4) Samurai Museum

On the evening we went to the Samurai Museum that was actually so near with our hotel (only 10 minutes away) and at first we thought we went the wrong way (because we didn't think the museum would be there) and we found it! There was a very small section on the first floor, and as we got to the second floor, a guide (who speaks English) named Koki immediately greeted us and chaperoned us until the next samurai performance. He was very friendly - so as the samurai performer.

videos are unlisted, please do not share.

I got a 101 failed samurai lesson and my sister and I got to try on the princess kimono..for free! the price is cheap and it was worth it.

5) Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

The next day we decided to explore shinjuku on our own (since Taka was defeated by exhaustion from insomnia) and in the morning we walk for around 20 minutes to Shinjuku Gyoen National Park - that has the most beautiful garden ever. There was a couple of sections - such as the French garden, Japanese traditional garden and chrysanthemum field but some parts were under construction and it was fall when we were there so some places were dry. When I went here, I took tons of photos and videos and sent it to my mother. Anyone who loves flowers would enjoy this place a lot.

videos are unlisted, please do not share.

6) Yokohama

We woke up early the next morning because we promised Taka that we'll visit his hometown in Yokohama. After figuring out the Japanese train system (we know how to get to shibuya and harajuku since it was only one way), we managed to get there without getting incredibly lost. However, our Mr.Taka (who wanted us to be there by 8AM) woke up at 1PM. we walked around Yokohama a while - it was too cold for us to actually explore the streets so we ended up having early lunch (because it was raining and freezing) and after Taka woke up, we went to an anime spot and got some gifts from my sisters and went into one of the malls where Taka treated us some desserts (for being late).

We only managed to explore the shopping mall in the Yokohama station (and near it called "vivre") - so I couldn't remember much about the names of the places we went as we have only been there once.

7) Tokyo Dome City

We went to Tokyo Dome City on our second last day - and we gave in. We took the cab. We experienced the door opening and closing by itself - yes. It was - freezing cold (because it was drizzling) and it was an amusement park. The best thing about it? you can either buy a ticket for 2000++yen and ride everything unlimitedly or you can only pay for the rides you're riding. So although we only went in the haunting house and rode the ferris wheel - we didnt really lose money (although I kind of regret forgetting riding the very scary high roller coaster (yes I FORGOT since I was saving it for the last one) - but at least it is cheaper than buying the ticket) then getting the full ticket. It was fun and there was a shopping mall in between that we spent our time shopping and warming ourselves up at the LaQua section (there's like, four sections if I'm not mistaken). Other than that we spent around 5000 yen on the cab (yes, cabs are expensive in Japan)

videos are unlisted, please do not share.

the height of the ferris wheel and roller coaster are the same.
Ofcourse - we went to Shibuya/Harajuku around three times - one with Taka for the first time, second time without Taka via train and the third time was on our last day before we went to the airport.

My sister and I didn't want to leave - obviously. It was just that we both wanted this since we were kids, we wanted to go to Japan - we had plans for it and we went there without a tour guide; which made us adapt to Japan by ourselves - we lived there. we lived our dreams. and our dream ended. just like most dreams.Alhamdulillah. we were given such a golden chance to live our dreams - it was the most surreal moment ever! 

Due to the cold weather in Japan, I turned from a fair skinned asian to completely colourless. My skin was scaly and dry (on my hands) some parts on face as well. I didn't have the problem of lips getting chapped though. As it rained 3 out of 7 days there, it was ice cold and windy -  that I got red cheeks as if I'm wearing blush. So, if you go anywhere - cold and wet. Moisturizer is a must. At least vaseline. And uniqlo's heat-teach tops will be a HUGE help. Also, for ladies, since the country is cold, your makeup will stay so much longer. so you can pile a lot - specifically blusher. just saying.

There are more videos I recorded but I'm too lazy to upload it, as it took too long. If you have followed me on instagram you might have seen some of it. Therefore, the rest remain for personal view of mine only. It's not like I wanted to get views or anything - it's just that the blogger's video uploader and container sucks ; I wanted to put out a better quality video. The videos I posted are unlisted - so please do not share them, it's only for the ghost readers of my blog and my memory - just in case.

I bought some books in Japan so I'm reading them currently while I sort out my life and my never ending battle with insomnia. Maybe I'll talk about the books on my next post and some stuff I bought in Japan.

Till then ;)
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