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Sunday, May 15, 2016.
the path you can run without looking back


Hello there.

So it has been quite a while, has it not? I just said like, more than one month ago I would post more on my blog but it just did not happen.

Why? because life happens.

I got an email from my university, offering a fast distribution of offer letters for returning students to continue doing masters. The reason the offer was available is so that we can be in time to apply for this scholarship with the last day of application being the 30th of April. So what did I do? I decided to proceed with masters faster than I have planned. continuing masters is one of the things that I have plan for myself - but simply was ignorant of the whole application process. I thought it will be just like applying for diploma or degree admission but it was not.

To proceed for a place to do master, I have to find a supervisor on my own and have him approve a proposal for my master's project title. again, with ignorance, I thought it'd be like, a week's work or something - but it's not like that. Luckily enough that I already have a supervisor that is more than happy to be my supervisor, he made things easier. he said that normal proposal, a timespan of three months taken just to come up with a suitable title alone (exclusive of the proposal). In some crazy way and strength, I've managed to get a proposal done less than a month, and approved. 

It was definitely far from a walk in the park. I remember just reading six research papers a day and my head felt so heavy at all the information I had to retain. It was mentally exhausting. The day after I got my proposal to be approved I slept for 12 hours. And I usually only sleep 3 - 5 hours daily.

So now I am back at home, for three weeks already (I think). I will start my masters this 22nd, and I feel like life just move so fast. I was just home, I just said goodbye to my friends, I did not in particularly want to return to my former college - despite loving my degree experience there. However, I did'nt want to wait at the same time. For now, I still have some sort of energy and fortitude that are driven by my ephemeral youth. I don't know how long can I last or have this energy if i were to slow things down. Plus, I wish to continue till phd - but it's something that I can either do later in life. A masters is something I just have to get, because I plan to teach.

So that's all for my life update. I'm trying to really just enjoy my last week at home before I exhaust myself with the next level of education.

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