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Saturday, July 9, 2016.
Happy Eid ul Fitr

Hello there everyone, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin. So my raya was pretty short, I spent one day in KL with my family - and relatives before heading back home that evevning as my sister is working the 2nd day of raya. I've experience giving my very small batch of duit raya (hey, I only got 11 days pay) and well, yeah - not as satisfying as getting them I have to say. 

Well, not much preparation or thought was given in celebrating raya because I was working - I bought one formal baju raya (and initially it was not intended to be a baju raya) - I genuinely just didnt have the time or energy. I'm still adapting to work - it's not yet an "enjoyable" experience because of my inefficiency I have to say. I'm not just going to give up ofcourse - I'm still adapting and I've only been working for two weeks - so it's still oh so early to say.

So my baju raya was - well, pretty me. all black - nothing intricate on the design, no bling2. I wore the same and only pair of heels I own since 3 years ago and some random tudung I borrowed from my aunt. The whole outfit itself were bought seperately - the top I bought it with a friend even before Ramadhan - with the intention of wearing it with jeans but I ended up feeling it being too fancy to be worn casually. Then my family came to KL and while my sisters were all looking for their baju raya I just got the skirt randomly.I really didn't put too much effort in my outfit but it's not like I ever did. I mean, I didn't even buy raya shoes.

I did however - put more effort on my makeup. See, I've been earning some money lately and I have been obsessed with Anna Sui's cosmetics. When I was still in school - I thought they're the loveliest looking cosmetics ever but I never really buy them because - well, I don't have money really. Even when I have money, I would just buy the makeup from the drugstore. But I think the first thing I bought from Anna Sui was their lipstick and it was 2-3 years ago and it was so satisfying to use, to smell (they're rose-scented) and to just look (the packaging is 100% my style) and afterwards I bought a couple of lipsticks from them again - then blush - then I went to Japan to buy their loose powder (because it was cheaper there) and then I just went nuts. I own their bb cream, foundation, primer - urgh. and I don't feel bad - I wanted it since forever, they're high quality, and I used my own money. I know not a lot of people are using Anna Sui but I do, my sisters do as well - my older sister who's not a makeup wearer loves their cosmetics as well and I'm just happy with it. I also got some personal messages for their reviews (which is weird because - I'm no makeup guru) but we'll see if I'll talk about them (I just don't like talking about stuff that I use publicly)

So now about my job - I'm currently working as a graphic designer for a merchandise printing company. basically it's bulk-printing on items for other companies and it's tougher than it sounds. Language barriers - insufficient introduction and training to my tasks and assignments - my own inefficiency in adapting as fast as I could are just some of the challenges I'm facing. But it is still very early to say. They have expectations on me - so as I on them. Time is another thing I am worried about - it seems like most of my colleagues are unaware that my priority is my studies - and there are days I have to leave early and they just don't get it. This is another problem when you made deal with the boss and not the workmates. It's just an unnecessary stress. but again, - it's still very early so I will not judge them.

So that's all for now. enjoy your remaining raya ;)
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