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Thursday, August 25, 2016.
I believed in just believing

One of my favourite lecturer - Dr. Chen. 

I received an email that I have been a recepient of the Majlis Anugerah Industri Graduan Cemerlang 2016 UNITEN on the 18th of  August, without knowing exactly what on earth it is. I asked the university but they only gave me vague answers. However, on the day of the ceremony itself, I finally got my answers. I was awarded Outstanding Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia) Undergraduate, sponsored by UZMA Berhad (yes, that means with $$). 

Basically selected students from each programmes were rewarded their own awards sponsored by companies that chose too. Some got from TnB, some got from TAZU, as for me I got from UZMA. There was a mention during the speech session that it was based on both academic and curricular - but I really think it was up to the company which students they wanted to sponsor ( I was not actually paying attention at that time, sorry haa).

We had a little bit of talk with our sponsors - exchanged contacts. I just had lunch with them today too.

Nonetheless, it was a recognition. The final award I achieved from my degree programme is the most prestigious.  It would have not been made possible I for all the untold stories of struggle, bloodsweat and effort that I put for my degree performance. The unheard prayers from my family too. It feels great to be honored, and hard work pays off - eventually.

I'm in a state of poverty after I decided to not rely fully on my parents and started earning my own money - and truth be told, my current job + masters - is not doing me justice. I spent most of my money on fuel and tol money. But at the same time, these little cash rewards I get from my degree performance helped me - a lot. Yes, I paid a lot for my education in Uniten, Yes, I sacrifice more than just sleep to get good grades, Yes, I gave up going home too often - and I might not find it worth it back then - but it's definitely worth it now.

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