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Thursday, August 25, 2016.
The Radiance of the Far Future


So, I just had my convocation on the 20th August and it has been satisfying! Personally, I feel more happy than sad - that I got a degree. Because basically I'm still a Master's student here so I'm not going anywhere. 

My diploma graduation sucks - it was in the evening - I had to leave early so no picture time with friends - my performance during diploma was not as good as degree I tell you. I remember telling my father "I didn't know how to study during my diploma days - only now I do." he laughed although I was serious. I'm not one of those lucky people with naturally smart brains and naturally organised. I trained everything from top to bottom to deserve everything that I get for my degree performance. Probably because I've been rewarded heaps of time for doing good - I feel motivated and happy. Maybe this graduation feels a little more significant. Because it meant something.

Thanks to a friend everything was hectic that day. I was in campus at 6:30 AM but I could not make it on time still! By the time it was 7.30 AM, we arrived at the parking area (it was so far! and I could not park anywhere else) and had to walk with our heels like, 3km to the hall. I arrived, sweating with half of the makeup down my face. I was ticked off that I had to be late because of someone else (I really just despise that) - but it was convocation so, I decided to let it go.

However, by the end of the day - everything went well. I even had ample time to take photos this time - my father took them beautifully. I guess being late does make it more memorable? That's all for now :)

The shawl and the dress, I bought them the day before. Because I have been so busy with my studies and work - I did not have the time. But thank god this was ample for my taste :)

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